31 January 2015
Caffè in Gamba

Caffè in Gamba is the very first coffee shop in Montreal dedicated solely to the complex world of espresso.

We have established partnerships with the best roasters in order to make their blends available right here, in Montreal.

These roasters are closely related to the Third Wave in quality coffee and their beans are now available in Montreal for the first time.  These roasters, amongst other we carry, are: Intelligentsia, Zoka, Novo and Vergnano.  We are also proud to offer beans from what is presently known as the best Canadian roaster: 49th Parallel.

You can make sure that we serve espresso in the proper manner and in respect to the Italian tradition.

Caffè in Gamba is an enchanting place.  A feeling of warmth and Dolce Vita is awaiting you only minutes from your home.  Here you can enjoy a nice caffè latte standing at the bar, with friends around a table or, if you feel cozy, try our couch by the fireplace.  We also serve panini, salads and some deserts such as biscotti, tiramisu, panetone and canolli.  You can browse the web for free through our hi-speed wi-fi connection, or, if you feel nostalgic, try our games such as mastermind and connect four.

Finally, Caffè in Gamba is offering a wide choice of espresso machines.  Obviously, we also offer many different espresso blends in bulk, ready to take home.
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